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ice or iced champagne and small doses of cocain, morphin, or dilute
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outspoken eclamptic seizures. Medicines and stimulants are useless,,
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Dr. Frank Hamilton, of Bellevue Hospital, who was an enthusiastic
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her suckling offspring. This explains, adequately, why abdominal
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Dr. Barton says the leaves of most of our trees fall in the
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less injected, and the child seems more natural. If at the end of one week
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case, losing his work, spending days of suffering and progressing
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stale bread part of the water is combined with the starch, or perhaps with
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Dr. Frank Daniels, who had treated this desperate case until the pa-
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most important to the physician, whether to make up a ration
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striking. In the first case the largest increase occurred on the first
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Henry Thompson and Civiale, lithotrity became much used;
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lege, hospital, or the .Medical Council. TI<> shoiikl have consider-
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the changes" in our therapeutic activity. The most important element
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plication of water at 30° R. (99.5 F.) upon the cutaneous nerve trunk
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unhappy consequences ; he would not have failed to reach the proper
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are swollen, producing a free discharge, and the deeper cervical glands
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individual nr a one-man company i I' ineerpoi-aied — -ImtiM be per-
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and external surfaces of the stump is of most importance, because
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vomiting, marked headaclie., and cliilh followed hy fever. Certain other
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can have no influence on the active fermentation of the large
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of special importance now that the food problem is so pronounced,
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charged well ; not only fever, night sweats, cough, pain, but even the objective
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quarter of a century, to such an e.xtent even, that communities
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cium phosphate, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, and
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Xotliing so tries the skill and aliility of most i;ciiL-ral luac-
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])oultice is no longer needed to aid in localizing the infection.
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regular in rhythm, though of low tension (soft). When suppurative fever
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being the most frequent points of its origin. It aifects children of all
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been observed on the epiglottis and posterior wall of the larynx, and I
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in diabetes mellitus, as we have spoken of fat. The office of
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largest; Hansell is the earliest. Of the black caps, the best
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a trying period. Given even to the production of trismus, if neces-
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was a very simple one, — about three didactic lectures a week,
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the periphery. The latter offers a fertile field for further experimen-
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anthrax. It is said to elaborate negative chemotaxic sub-
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^The name Acetophen will identify "Frosst's" products
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(6) Ogston^ recognizes as one of the mildest forms of sapremia the
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which, in some form, it is almost impossible, for civilized

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