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immediate recourse to the earlier, lifjuid or soft diet upon the return of
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— Intubation and Tracheotomy — Fractures and Dislocations — Instru-
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its inadequacy as an antifebrile agent and even as an antithermic
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Nothing is truer than that every case of infant-feeding is
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Nevada Mountains and could have jumped into a snow-
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gout. If you must have wine, use a dry Madeira or sherry.
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and from an article in the Philadelphia Medical Journal on
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by vigorous feeding, pure air, and tonics. In children predisposition
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made from vegetable matter which in nature is comparatively
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of toadstools have a wrapper, as it were, around the base of
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brochures scattered about promiscuously from time to time
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may, however, be absent, and when present it is sometimes limited to a
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sion of the varied and sometimes apparently inconsistent results
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out such a diet, for it will not do to tell a patient to live on
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absence of the bacilli, however, does not justifH'a denial of the existence
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be good milk. When the dealer has delivered you good milk,
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three weeks in every three months, at least. If the case is a
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ing in chronic cases. It is a more energetic treatment than the ablu-
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three movements of the knife. He was an irritable old fellow,
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wine whey, and I do not recommend this, as a rule, except
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inflammations whose disturbing influence is exerted upon the organs
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William H. Pancoast was a bright, pleasant man, a son of
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variations. In mild forms it is from two to four days, in the severe
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immediately after the bath, because their alarm may interfere with the
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part of the animal which was dipped into cold water, and the fact that
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and among the numerous widespread complications iritis deserves special
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der non-hydriatric management) in the coexistence of influenza, which
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Apothesine is suitable for use in any surgical procedure in
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From all these experiments and observations upon the influence of
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very best French makers, offer a Brut wine as Brut Imperial,
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substituted and the (juantity gradually increased. Preliminary to their
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ings, and although I have watched this point closely, I cannot
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plan, with a mortality of 14.8 per cent. From 1887 to 1896, one hun-
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The effects of warm (below but near the temperature of the
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peripheral neuritis and disseminated myelitis (Westphal). Multiple neur-
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those predisposed to phthisis. Ziemssen speaks of it in his lectures on
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This form of ju'osthesis forms one of the greatest improvements
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colored with bile, and in severe cases with blood, and rarely also are they
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therapeutic indication for the cold full bath, and to marshal such
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Unfortunately our medical schools do not include hydrotherapy in
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ried forward across the chest, turned around the latter, and brought
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gradual and even rapid lowering of the temperature of the water is
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Lobar Pneumonia, Dengue, Tuberculosis, Diabetes Mellitus, Gout,
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pallor, and a gait suggestive of intoxication. The physiognomy is stupid,

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