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ulcer of the leg. It has also been known to take place after complete

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gether quite easy to explain at first sight, for many observers have found

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affect the character of the inflammatory manifestation. Thus, excretory

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in the injured part (the thigh) continued after those in the rest of the body

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appear. There may then be little more to observe than a thin altered

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X, because of its lack of resistance to external influences. Koch's adher-

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rather to the opposite conclusion. Personal observation made at St. Bar-

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microbes, although they have not gone on to the formation of false mem-

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1. Heft. 3. —83. SiTTMANN. Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med. 1894, p. 348. —83o. Steell.

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enced very much by his conformity or departure in his habits and modes

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ed three or four times a week, and with constantly increasing violence.

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term Chronic Pycemia. This is a disease which arises also in connection

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of the drug acts ou the ultimate elements of the muscle fibre in order

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ozone, formed by the action of the solar rays, acts as a strong germicide;

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necessary conditions as the veritable cause of enteric fever, namely —

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patient expectorating casts of the trachea from time to time for two

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breathing, and this without fatigue, the inspiratory movements being

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(81), in a case of erysipelas complicating enteric fever, found the

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Diagnosis. — The relationship already dealt with is to some extent

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1. Humid Marine Climates. — There are great differences in this sub-

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for bis veracity. But it would be unfair not to allow him the con6dence

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mous-celled carcinoma ; but this observation was limited to the earlier

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the course of the fever. ISTeumann found the streptococcus pyogenes

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bacilli were found in the various organs, and even in the foetus after an

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are optic atrophy, secondary to optic neuritis ; thrombosis of the retinal

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immigration of leucocytes. There are ho vessels in the transparent

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arrival of patients it m.ust always be remembered that the seasons are

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ance to the students of the anatomical department the present term.

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mother, the foetus, sharing her blood, was impregnated with the anti-

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nitrogenous material derived froin the food last taken has been used up.

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he had a similar attack, not so severe, three years before, and recovered.

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As Baumgarten showed in his studies upon the development of

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Gouty and rheumatic affections are aggravated by damp cold and

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which the disease spread from one case to another, or rather was conveyed

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