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oil, or similar drug about the anus ; these kill the emerging worms. Those
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not loosening the grains of which the starch is composed. Of as much
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is so high that the passage of this current through the body is not accom-
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Near East, which had given through the Phoenicians the alphabet and
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the blood corpuscles, inducing their disintegration, giving rise to intra-
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killed in action; and Captain K. A. McCuish. C.A.l\r.C., Glace
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been definitely settled. Kecently Kartulis, Osier, Councilman and Lafleur,
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when brougiit back they llaould find fodder, though
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functional life of plants is not known. More than one alkaloid may
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breast-fed babies suffering with pneumonia, in addition to the
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conditions can be diagnosed as secondary to cancer of the oesophagus, is by
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grows fo exceffively large in fome conftitutions, and
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what in the differential diagnosis. Then as to the joint affections, in
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sometimes form in connection with quite small branches of the pulmonary
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to become acquainted either with the general features, which
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degree. The others — the antiseptics and stimuhmts — must l)e
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cases the pancreas has so regained its power to produce in-
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*■' gives fome reafon to fuppofe this the caufe of it.
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part to one or two million parts of the culture medium they arrested the
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Trudeau, and the Loomis Sanatorium (2200') in Sullivan County, for
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completely clay-coloured. A patient with cirrhosis and an enlarged liver
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stances and hot liquids ; (2) diverticula ; (3) dilatation without stricture ;
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remembered, too, that owing to the fact that early cases of pyloric stenosis,
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Bulging of some part of the hepatic area may develop and be apparent
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(the ileo-caecal variety) the valve passes into the caecum and colon, and
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hypersensitive. Knee-jerks after a time are usually in abeyance. Slight
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the formation of osteophytes, thickening of the capsules, and retraction of
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is a duodenal ulcer, and the pain is only experienced when food is
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pustule, which ulcerates and is covered with a yellowish crust. This
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before the\ bite it ; by that means fome oftheir faliva
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managed in a similar way. Watch the stools. It is quite certain if the
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though elastic fibres were abundantly evident under the microscope. In
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length of their legs : at three months the legs have
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brown colour, due to the action of the gastric juice on the blood in the
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by direct pressure, every effort of the patient being directed to avert
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disease and no cardiac disease, the presence of localised epigastric and
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The ova (0 - 026 by - 01 mm.) are reddish brown, and communicate their
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even minute doses of mercury sometimes seem to hasten the fatal end. In
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class population are among the poorest and worst housed classes in the
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.propofes for another complaint, viz. by adding can-
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both in himfelf and for us, the moft ufeful, the mofl
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whilst the neighbouring house is healthy ; one room even may be malarious
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physiological experiments to the prevention of disease is certain to be
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brane. The ligaments and capsule of a joint do not stretch on sudden stress
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in a few minutes or a few hours, according to the thickness of the stratum.
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have been known to be fo violent, as to- die within
taking singulair and advair

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