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expand. It is for these cases that operation has been performed, with
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If both kidneys are catheterized, it is interesting to note the larger amount
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mary for Diseases of the Eye ; College of Physicians, War-
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• ■(■rlilii is 11. . I r.l,ili\,.|y .,!• sll.'h illl|>.>l't:i Ii...';nis.. it 1;ik,.s p],,,.,. j,, 1 1,,.
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tersely expresses his opinion : "Myositis ossificans depends on (a) congenital
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of renal colic due to calculus is often perfect, and in six of the ten cases
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The dark pyramids with their streaked markings show in striking contrast
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^." III liisi/i il. This is called the n fi islhli miiuii nf iii.iiiHts.
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less frequent occurrence than smooth muscle, but has been found in 25 per
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that even when carefully selected they do not always agree in the amount
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As predisposing causes, everything that may lead to congestion must be
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>'i' jri't to alti'iaticin liy the imjuilses passiiij; to it aloiiLr the \ nerve,
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of early cases he tried rest, forced feeding, fresh air, etc., for a number of
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-outanied n, tl„. former an.l th.. tn.phie fibers in the latter nerve- th-,r
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the tubule denuded and seemingly dilated. Some of the dUatations are
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and exercise must be adapted to the effects. 0)ld baths are never well
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what effect climatic, hygienic, and dietetic treatment and the therapeutic
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Muscles. — Atrophy is the striking feature in the gross specimen, and this
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seer,-tion. Kx,..-rini.ntal ,vi,|,-n,.,. of its !rr,-at imiwutanr-e in -astri.-
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three cardinal symptoms. It well accounts for the number of fatal cases
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harm. The writer would lay special stress on this, and emphasize the injury
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III Ihi' I'iniihilinn nl' tin' lilnml. thi' ililTi'li'liri- III pli'ssMI'r at I hi- !
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tically never be done if the second kidney is diseased, for a nephrotomy with
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and east quarters, is felt with much force and keen-
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laisc the lc\('l of tlic pyrotrallatc solution in /,' to tlic level /.' on tliP
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the amount of albumin is decidedly greater, and in many instances the
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u'reat (lunntities of celhilose foodstuffs have very larjie ceca and very
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ahuiidant secretion of thin watery saliva accompanied hy a marked
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ordinary findings in nephritis, should arouse the suspicion of amyloid, when
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rium. If till' nitro'.Tii intaki' is ii'iIihtiI lidow tlic actual limlv miij
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iiiiiimis ]iliasi' liiit must In- I'lirliisrd in vi'sii-lcs t'liniii'il nl' niiirc siiliil
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most generally employed. Following continuous doses of Fowler's solution
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I'.-iii ill' used til liitcniiiiic llic rrhitiv iic'iit riitinii nl' Iwn siiliitions nt'
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inequfiJity of the pupils and a loss of reaction of the pupils to lignt has been
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slight involvement elsewhere. A cloudy or bloody urine from one ureteral
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stone images from a variety of barbaric tribes, we were surprised at the
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