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by polite usage and common sense. Hence he turned his face

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the amount of work required of that organ, by increasing

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neglect,- and are confined almost exclusively to cattle and sheep.

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On account of the interesting fact of the complete immunity from charbon in lambs

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level have cholera all the year round, Here the rains

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tions of the accessory sinuses of the nose have been more

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the tissue has been transformed into a whitish, rather firm substance,

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or three times its normal size, and when cut into a blackish, grumous-

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The results of various observers in the treatment of insanity have

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proved of undoubted value may be worthy of a short notice in your

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the Paris Therapeutical Society on November 24, last. He had

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of a vessel which is made to stand upright, on the shoulder of

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of this disease poultry would be a great source of profit to the farmers

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in this paper are essentially based upon the study of a series

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charity ; the donations and bequests that have made them

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a house in which the last case of cholera had died a

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way connected with each other; the -jt Tolles objective with excellent

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none but light garments on, and these should be quite loose. All

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and apart from the present study of the results of open

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dipped into this and dried in the air. Professor Law succeeded in pro-

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stuffs used in conjunction must surely bear quite an important part

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In all the lambs lately born we observe the same phenomena after bacteremic in-

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tion, it has no antiseptic properties. Dr. B. Treutler, of Marburg,

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the true cause of cholera, which will invariably be

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is usually in the ovary, or deeper pelvic structure, or in the

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In this division we include stricture, however produced by

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the same odor as when first filled, and there was no trace of putrefac-

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tion had diminished to not more than 100 cc. in the 24 hours; the

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Another patient suffered for fourteen years from congestion

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in larger quantities than can be eliminated, begin to show a

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Condition on admission. — A thin ansemic girl, with a pale

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