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There must not be sudden changes in temperature or alti-

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bodies a few days later, and extract with all suitable precaution the earthy cylinders

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downward and forward so as to bring the colon in front of

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The superficial inguinal glands are greatly enlarged and of a dark red.

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his wounds heal rapidly, leaving no scars. [Therap. Monats.,

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but is constantly tossing and moaning, and continues doing

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the connective tissue between them show considerable thickening, and

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Liverpool, was employed by the steamer people, Messrs. Warren & Co.,

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their downward course. It teaches them to be dependent;

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the hog cholera (?) to be caused by worms in the lungs and bowels, and

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day) morning. Two more are alleged to have died within a day or two on the farm of

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in the town of Allahabad. On this occasion 1 searched

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The use of guaiacol carbonate has grown considerably and is

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ownerthereof and the person directing or permitting such movement thereof or deal-

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filling their time and causing constant inteiTuptions,

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cultures of charbonnosis bacteridia, charged with the parasite and its germs. With-

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ready to receive and even to propagate the disease germs. Then, above

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ing their release if no further disease was found ; two others were then

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supply in cantonments, first by cleaning and protecting

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the colloid matter, as described by myself, the glands are extracted

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sickness lasted one day longer before becoming fatal, and death proba-

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Harbor, a circular was prepared and forwarded to all the correspondents

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disease. In the greater majority of cases the graver form of

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are so unfortunate as to be located in the States through which the

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we require a great extension of hospitals and dispen-

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ical products of the growing swine-plague germ, though the germ itself is

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The Possible Antagonism between Malaria and Phthisis. By A. D.. Cooper, l.r.c p., m.r.c.s.,

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(i.) The continuity of the articular surfaces and styloid pro-

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farm animals in this county is that among hogs, which is generally known

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by diluting one drop of fluid pressed from the*liver with twenty-five

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