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Reagles, James, Schenectady, Schenectady Co. Original.
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microscope, were seen to consist of broad and interlacing bands of
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referred to, the lesions induced by the initial stages of inflammation of the bronchial
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* Referred, to by Dr. Lewis. Quart. Jour. Vlic. Sc. 1879, p. 4U3.
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of dizziness. He had been troubled for several days prior to this
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than is generally supposed. Some of our "best microscopists have spent
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decreased. The books sent out by your department have greatly bene-
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a pig of its age and size ought to eat. No. 7 has less appetite.
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one thought firmly fixed in their minds, and that is, how to
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and rational therapeutics. In the early days of our medicine
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Washington St., Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 24, 1898.
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or distilled spirits, alcohol is the universal and familiar rem-
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pharynx, and larynx should be put in good condition and
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mineral and resin oils, although others have been employed. It
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evidence that the cholera microbe was degenerating in
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the amount of attention it deserves from even the rhinologist,
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salicylic acid, and one-tenth per cent, of chloride of zinc. Quassia, even
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slowly, involving the bone, periosteum, and more or less of the
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the maximum of 3 grammes (about 45 grains) each day. His
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of Vidal. The great importance of some means of differen-
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between a chronic faecal accumulation not dependent upon an
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isfactory beyond that of other bones. I see no reason why
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sults are much better than formerly ; but reliance should not
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ing from profound shock. After administering stimulants, I
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people. It is they, too, who prevent us from prevent-
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Emphysema was much relieved also by this mixture. {Deut.
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she was kept fully under the influence of morphia for hours. In
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produces lesions of an inflammatory nature which did not occur
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When the "blood from a fowl just dead of cholera, or on the point of
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some of the bismuth salts and carbonate of magnesia, con-
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in any dock within the port of London approved by the Privy Council, for convey-
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Comment : Patient was under observation two years, during
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destroyed in ten minutes at 50° 0. I at once determined to test the
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prevails in relation to many other medicaments besides cocaine,
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half of the value of the animal immediately before it was affected with cattle-plague,
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tends through the transverse diameter of the bowel to the
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to all a grateful people could do for them. It was but a
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4. The microbic theory, which contends for the microbic
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Methinks I see thee now in mental vision looking at me through
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