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uterus, for instance, and gradually increases the strength up to 2

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services than they can to give them away. While, as has

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munity from the effect of subsequent inoculations or infections. This

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Where no account has been kept of the amount of solution

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alkaline mineral waters, giving massage and other well-known

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closed state she lay during three weeks of extremely hot weather, when

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odors as they do for dimes, so they are ready to treat the

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disappeared, though the patient could not distinguish very

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not only an official but a personal interest in the work

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was, " Shall we amputate ? " and the answer from a number present

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Pultz, Monroe T., Stanfordville, Dutchess Co. Founder.

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The microscopic appearances of these six lungs in their fresh state

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low swampy land upon which the cattle were for the time being rounded

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action, most generally in infantile diarrhoea, as reported from

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United States government has. Both countries, therefore, are on

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no disease is there greater necessity for the use of knowledge

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Fordyce, John A., 66 Park Ave., New York, New York Co.

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'*Ten days later my son, after working a day with the shrub,

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sented to the eye no indication of disease, but upon being handled in

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drawn so as to apply well the surfaces to each other before

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Sir: In response to your request of the 22d instant, that the Commissioners take

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inveterate type of the malady than that from, which it was derived.

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Record (Vol. LIII, page 766), concluding as follows: "I have used

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panites may be present in septic cases, although the abdomi-

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Diphtheria on December 21st last showing the advantageous

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**In the Medical Record for April 16, 1898, is an article on

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turbances are recognized everywhere ; a large number of

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change that may be supposed to take place, and so far the

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still a much smaller death rate (eight instead of twelve) than we should

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of one kind ; some I have noticed to be mild and others

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and comfort to the patient, as it is possible for us to do in

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