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That pleuro-pneunionia did exist among these cattle we have the evi-

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Med. Journ.^\o\. LXVI, page 517.) In close connection with

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the appendix the whole of this matter will be found reproduced.

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"The process which Dr. MacLennan describes as that by which

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quently does insanity follow operations that some doubt if it

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attachments, when the lesion is local, resection is justifi-

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>--Cattle affected with pleuro-pn eumonia shipped to England, sources of 209

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Heavy losses from this cause are also sustained each season by the

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evident that there was another element affecting the virulence, namely,

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he has sought for in the phenol group of antiseptics, and particu-

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professors and their contingency of assistants than the rags

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esting report on the results obtained with creasotal (creosote car-

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charges on given days after they have been jDassed from the bowels and

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gray substance of the anterior portion of the cerebellum,

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Ulcerative Endocarditis. — Dulchi reports its successful use

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single (left), and one a case of double pleurisy; one was a case of plem-isy and

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(2.) He may require that any animal or thing moved out of an infected place in con-

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tion, we are confronted by a condition which under medical

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the Ship-owners' Association of Liverpool, believe that the true interests of the people

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partment has no knowledge relative to pleuro-pneumonia existing among animals in

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appeared at Chicago. After giving other illustrations

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exist between the invaginated and ensheathing portions.

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Correction, but it is, and always has been, for some reason,

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operated upon in this way and have found a perfect result

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sional Pathological and Therapeutical Considerations. By TVashes-gtox L.

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condition; the prepectoral are not so much enlarged, but of an intensely dark red.

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was used, and pus was withdrawn. Diagnosis, suppurating appen-

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Wabaunsee. — Horses here are subject to distemper during the months

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done but little damage. Hogs occasionally have cholera. When my

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occurs in fixed portions of the canal, as in the rectum,

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processes, as exemplified by the following case from which

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** Young man, you may have a fair share of medical knowledge,

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— a land teeming with every form of human infirmity, and

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and contradictions. Moreover its literature furnishes an

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