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review of theories concerning swine-plague bacillus "

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in the system which it can attack, the symptoms which

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Dr. Edwin Martin in a paper read before the Philadelphia

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they are surrounded by a pale-red circle, and when confluent they are very irregular

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one of the ends through the wall of a freshly-laid-bare vein, break the

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iments to free drainage into the nose, scrape out the diseased

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In pursuance of the information which I had received. I yesterday transmitted to

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linen of a cholera patient had been washed, the bacilli

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of this act, and to be repaid with interest within any period as aforesaid.

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ence of excess of mental toil upon the cerebral circulation, —

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Stomach and intestines natural. Eight kidney large ; capsule

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there have been cases of pleuro-pneumonia, or lung fever, among the cows in the

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in large doses were found to be poisonous and produced death by

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limited to the right side and of rather severe character. During

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The wound is then sealed with a ten per cent, solution of

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affected with sheep-scab, without treating that sheep, or causing it to be treated, with

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forgotten the real mission of that institution, that its place

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subsided. By August 23 was so improved as to be able to go out into the

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for slaughter by having a foreign animals' wharf defined by Order dated March 25,

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ened by a liquid having a marshy appearance, thought that there might be found the

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The apparatus may, moreover, get out of order from disuse ; one

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the use of massage and other manipulation by a skilled

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carried to high numbers of the catheter scale, does not merely

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acting locally, liberates benzoic acid in sufficient quantities to

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murrain. Sometimes we lose half our crop of chickens by cholera.

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cal cells remains, sometimes only for a short time, and sometimes longer —

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Dr. F. H. Wiggin was also to speak on the same, but was not

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is infectious, and carries off a very heavy proportion of those attacked.

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existence of pleuro among American cattle imported into this country, and slaugh-

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glands, but particularly those situated in the large cavities of the body,

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Mucous membrane of stomach considerably reddened in places; lym-

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of the disease in the second eye. The new tuberculin was admin-

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shown, the bacteremic bdtonnets do not multiply in the blood of the fetus, even when

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