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many seasons past. Sheep have foul in the foot, scab, and grub in the

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distress, constipation, and eventually obstipation in the sense

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little yellow mucus. The common duct slightly stained yellow.

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^"jj^ refraction corrected, Y. = -^j. L. Y. = -^^ refraction corrected,

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result of slight injury, such as is received in 'cutting the quick,'

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purity of the air, and a factor in producing purity, is sun-

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As nothing definite could be ascertained regarding the exact date at

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ment for 1898 the eight Fellows who had recently joined.

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opening made in the superior border of the intussuscipiens; A A, apex of intus-

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ciation, held in Denver, Col., in June last. He makes a brief

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iang of one of the teeth has been left behind, and is associated

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So long, therefore, as that disease exists in tbe United States, their lordships regret

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One or more small bronchi are usually to be found in each lobule. A more highly mag-

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administration of opium. This has succeeded so well, even

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He was born in Milton, Mass., on June 18, 1822. His early

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that the condition depends upon a debilitated or depraved

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expected to know all about the eye, yet, as a matter of fact, it

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Average stay in tlie Hospital of aU Surgical Patients = 32-21 davs.

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just one month from the beginning of the record, the whole con-

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abdomen and the thighs. There was no glandular enlargement.

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throat and back of the neck, and also in the teeth. The head

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our coolie women worked for a few days on the Govern-

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suture (see Fig. 5). After the divided ends of the intestine

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sional dianhcea, which at times becomes very obstinate ; six

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a dead pig, but did not succeed. Last summer I repeated the same

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A cargo of swine, consisting of 567 animals, arrived in the steamship diking at the

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case of pleuro-pneumonia has not occurred for thirty days in such field, stable, cow-

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honor of reading my remarks to a more careful clinical

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and the pupils widely dilated. There were black sordes on the

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ment, hygienic, dietetic, and medicinal, of cases of pulmonary

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viously had been infected with commas ; they differed

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**Now since the parts of the object farthest from the plate are

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is he to be a professor. Take up a journal, a provincial one

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