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which, of course, can be cured only by the free use of a

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were lost by disease during the remainder of the year. Some horses

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active than any of the others. Nos. 11 and 13 eat a little in my pres-

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as appearing on the valuation roll in force for the year, who shall pay over the same

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two are utility men and stop-gaps filling alternately vacant

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April 24. — First symptoms of a mild attack, from which it soon recovered.

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the deep sutures, it never requires subsequent removal ; it

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carbolic acid poisoning advises bleeding followed by infusion

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much lower, and there has been very much less pain. To-day

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this treatment after a few weeks, I have used Fowler's solu-

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Examination thirteen hours after death. — Two scars, such as

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electrification may or may not be accompanied by the X-rays." .

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rude methods of research are fatally condemned to impotency, and negative results

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duct. Both branches of the hepatic duct were dilated. Near the vena cava the surface

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do what was possible to maintain, within the limits compati-

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complicated mth rheumatic fever and pericarditis. In another case pus appeared

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19th. A pig (No. 10, present report) that had been inoculated from a

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and nitroglycerine. About 11 p.m. the patient was seen by the

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Sir: In compliance with the instructions contained in your orders

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descent from Thomas Crigson, who founded the colony of New

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importance, as prompt remedial measures offer a chance for

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creasotal and benzosal but finds the former far more useful. His

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pox are still possible. Of recent years an entirely new

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I have not experimented, as yet, with a simple, aqueous solution.

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act repealed by this act of any rate remaining uncollected, wholly or in part, at the

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and may be exterminated when it has made its appearance. The writer has had a

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sinusitis. Examination of the nose will usually reveal that

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by thymol, and states that an equally efficient but safer drug is a

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slaughtered as therein mentioned, every such horse or animal shall be destroyed in

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the house-physicians (Dr. Bridges, and subsequently Dr. Shuter).

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Dry seasons in particular soils dangerous in swine plague 132

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properties, as shown by experiments upon animals, are less than

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painful, micturition easy. There was no paralysis or impairment of sensation. Not

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