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the case of my informant, was all that he had in the world.

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was written to one of the most prominent veterinary surgeons and

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allowed to separate from the skin spontaneously. This treatment

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experimented upon, without any digestive disturbances within

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the action of bismuth iodide upon gallic acid. There have been

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September 19, Pigs Nos. 1 A, 1 B, 2, 3, 8 A, 8 B, 9, 13, 14, 15, and 10.

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in Champaign, Champaign county, Illinois. As my opportunities to study

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influenza or epizooty this fall. Some few flocks of sheep have had hoof-

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admitted, and to see that the respiration is not impeded.

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Mercer. — The loss of chickens by disease has been quite heavy the past

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gland in their correct form and proportion, it may prove a very

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disease and cause of the outbreak, and report the results of his investi-

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Exalgbi (methyl-acetanilid), the analgesic, still continues to

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the patients obtained in the well-ventilated wards of the hospital.

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marked also that all who object to the use of morphine in this dis-

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conveyed to him through the State Department from yourself in reference to pleuro-

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It will be conceded by all that a normal condition of the

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date. In this 'village also the heaviest mortality fell on

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factors in determining the character of the subsequent steno-

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27. Croup.— Tvro of the fatal cases of croup, males, aged two and one respectively,

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Surgn.-Lieut.-Col. A. Crombie, m.d., I.M.S. (Bengal.)

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gator and laborer in the field of scientific thought, reels off

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'Menstruation should begin .... when the woman is maturely developed,

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made by Dr. Lake, of Otto, and the fact that the tenant on the farm was a German,

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physician was sent for. He relieved the patient by a hypodermic

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1870 — Brooklyn Pathological Society — one of the organizers.

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Flint, William H., Ridgefield, Conn. Founder. (Retired list).

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4. The condition of the blood which, with the exception of containing

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which is absolutely untenable, is that it cannot be securely

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to what was then Albany county, and was one of the first settlers

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Here we not only find Pasteur's observations confirmed in principle,

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les paroles qu'en votre nom j'adresse pour finir au

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the stimulation of peristalsis. The first effort frequently fails

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