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At one time I thought not, but I was authorized to believe on some accounts that the
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regurgitation. In one case of mitral disease there was hemiplegia, in another
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be maintained. The first indication, therefore, is to raise the
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their flocks. This scourge is known to all countries. It is sometimes so
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with a strong scalpel. The bone is rapidly dissected out
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300 milch cows at the sheds of the Garden City Distillery Company,
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a , "b , & c, successive forms rapidly ass-nmed
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hundred head have died in all. Some fatal cases of bloody murrain
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has taken place in the abdominal cavity, it is often found that
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may be of interest to some to read an article entitled, "Scalds and
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be about thirty years old. It was almost needless to add that he
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S. H. Mcllroy, and J. G. Truax since the last meeting.
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sigmoid or rectum. The presence of a distinct tumor in the
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based upon close observation and experiments, enabling us to
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patients dosing themselves whenever they are affected with sleep-
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• September 19. — Inoculated with lung-exudation.
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for ourselves some adequate concept of life itself. This is
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less has been reported upon it than a year ago. Dr. Hugo Ldwen-
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tors call bronchiectasis ; that is, in one of the tubes of your
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mides, quinine, or butyl-chloral-hydras, I ordered a mixture con-
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which water holding in solution urea and salt passes from the
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acteristics. The five remaining I vaccinated anew, and after about a month submitted
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which have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. While
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be a maternal heritage. Must we then conclude that this is a family characteristic
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pleuro pneumonia, has been the occasion of much anxiety to those who have recently
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thanks of this section be tendered to Dr. Crombie for
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but I treat the complications, if any, on general prin-
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examination per vaginam is sufficient to develop the paroxysm.
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but your interpretation of religious truth is a very poor attempt at
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ease. In the evening pigs Nos. 4 and 5 appeared to be feverish and

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