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Cure of. Plague." {Muench. Medicin. Wochensch., Vol. XLV, page

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— not even a lavatory in which to wash their hands.

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H. E. the Viceroy and H. H. the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, and by the action of the

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undoubtedly are well founded, and have contributed in bringing about

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instructed to present the following resolutions adopted by his

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Lytle's, visited August 23 and September 7, and Mr. Bailey's, visited

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the intestine by broad bands or adhesions which do not at

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of cholera was accurately mapped out, that whilst it was un-

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following : In the beginning of our paper we quoted

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viscera it is a curious fact that more cases are acute than

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easterly counties of Pennsylvania to Baltimore, and over portions of the

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York City, January 5, 1898. He came of fighting stock, his grand-

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taining in each of these provinces. It needs no introduc-

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the pleasure to look upon. A great many adhesions were encoun-

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dependent upon the degree to which these tissues are affected.

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during its prevalence. Dr. A. F. Sampson, who made an autopsy of

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general conclusions as those arrived at by Dr. Arnold Chaplin

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4. Observations to be continued to note the first reappearance of the disease.— Some of

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I do not wish to declaim against this plan of treatment, for I

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so total an obstruction was produced that even water, forcibly injected, would

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forwards the following statement relative to the first appearance in

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served following the first few passages. The patient does

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I have recently discovered [be says] that laurel (called by many mountain ivy) is

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remove the cause, and, moreover, are called upon to treat the

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even for prophylactic purposes (in families where one member is

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phase of a discussion which is likely to continue while dif-

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many months will not elapse before very definite evidence will be

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tion of non-professional observers is the enlarged liver, which is nearly constant ; it

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the patient being choked by some undigested portion of food

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between different animals, and between these animals and man. In

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Society of Apothecaries, at theii- Hall in Blackfriars. in Mav and June 1875.

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