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of relief at dispensaries, as is done with other charities, we
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posed immediately to precede the development of carcinoma in
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general, and consequently of an epidemic and contagious character, that active meas-
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that county of splenic or Texas fever of cattle, a disease so well
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substantial species, even if under the microscope I am able to perceive
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I believe public opinion wiU support me, that no pro-
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carry it out. If it were relaxed in the case of the United States it would have to he
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Dr. McEachran made no discoveries in this district unfavorable to the general
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patients. Expectoration was almost invariably lessened in
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Summary. — The essential of old age is the replacement of
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grains of quinine are equal to twenty-five or thirty grains of
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From a careful study of those specimens in comparison with others obtained from an
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Dr. J. J. E. Maher presented a specimen, together with the
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flaps by amputation far above the limits of gangrene. In my
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medical details regarding 30, which foimed part of my
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They are often large, exceedingly irregular in outline, and
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of the last few years will continue and increase. I
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pig killed the same day at Horseheads. It seemed important to test
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and two ounces of whiskey every six hours. As tonics, he took
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no exercise whatever, leaving their stalls, to which they are chained, for slaughter
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(2.) The master of the vessel has on each occasion of importation of cattle therein
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micromillimeter long (^j-g-th of an inch) in the septicemia of mice, and
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and guaiacol have been abandoned because they produce great
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to make a good slop. This we give to the hogs repeatedly. They will
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ble in water. The preparations made by dissolving such sub-
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defined physiologically as a general term, denoting the total
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twelve times as much as the older drug." {Brit Med. Journ., Vol.
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affected and the reflex center later. Throughout his 141 cases he
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pump and exhaust. The mechanical manipulation is best
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for office use for the removal of foreign bodies, as it is well known
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fevers. Creasotal is a viscous liquid, which, however, can be
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Gondal at the trifling annual cost of Es. 1,300 each,
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to-day the class of physicians I then represented has so far
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Sheep. — They all belonged to the Lauraguais race, in which so-called spontaneous

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