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The total number of cases of scab which were detected among foreign sheep during

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signs of general intoxication by this agent. Upon examination

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explanation, and is simply the result of the lungs being unable to effect

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Brdge.-Surgn.-Lt.-Col. W. R. Hooper, m.r.c.s., I.M.S.

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day, would have been held in solution and no sediment would

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pared with the positive evidence to the contrary ; it only proves

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from such appropriation. It appears that they do so on the

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When we reflect that at a reasonable estimate there are in

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sary to limit the spread, and mitigate the evils of this

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Ten months, and then fourteen months later, the earth of the grave was collected,

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rapidly increased. Even in cases where the patients had taken

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(39) were indoors in cold weather the air would be a little foul. The recent thaws

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story, and made the key-note of legal proceedings among

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although not cured, was not rendered any worse by this extraordi-

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affecting the smaller tubes and alveolar walls — catarrhal pneumonia — collapse of a more

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been constructed, consisting of a vessel in which water is boiled.

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curvature, of a deep red hue, and evidently the result of congestion.

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discharged in the two cases is totally different, the grating act-

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in individual cases. This is manifest in such a condition as

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aortic regiirgitant murmur was associated with a presystolic murmur at the apex.

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per cent, of all cases examined. In the winter of 1879-'80 the disease,

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treatment was one gramme, but this was gradually increased to four

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(c') Cases of foreign bodies in the intestines from pene-

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subject by Dr. MacLeod of Shanghai. Dr. MacLeod had succeed-

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temper resembling the epizooty in horses. Fowls have suffered from

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culosis in some counties than in others was that the cattle in

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Painter's colic. — Delearde reports five cases of painter's

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the styloid process of the ulna was the same in each arm, namely,

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are the ferments in the body which split up its albuminous con-

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took 36 grains of exalgin between 2 and 11 p. m., in the Edin-

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particularly insusceptible ; since, when the original lot of twenty was

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proper form to the notice of these societies and associations, and

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tem examination and otherwise, as to the nature and cause of the disease.

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exist within the confines of a single township for a whole year and not

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dissections were made, arid then fall victims to the poultry which were runnino" ahout

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physiological principles shall be made; then, with this as a

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any class of farm animals in this county is black leg among cattle.

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pessary, the patient of course being placed in lithotomy posi-

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tied that the sutures are visible in the peritoneal coat, it is

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