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to his visiting staff, but to his patients in the ward.

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stitutional taint, as of syphilis or cancer, would be an

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This subject afterward suffered severely from inoculation with virus

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compression at the outlet is equal to or greater than at the

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forwards with a pair of dressing forceps ; but this last procedure

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strangidated by a long fibrous cord extending between the mesentery and a

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moval of the whole breast, since nothing short of this would

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Mr. Mills showed a very convenient apparatus for adminis-

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be few, or very numerous. They are mostly flame shaped

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where three days in the week he doles out, through his ser-

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was a white, amorphous powder, easily soluble in warm water. It

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had occasion to try it next day on a valuable cow. She recovered. He told his neigh-

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but filled already, though so recently dead. Now comes the

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those produced by cocaine, but more transient, and, speaking gen-

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the physicians in their neighborhood, when confronted by

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is now proposed to use such in illustrating the text-books to re-

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arrive at Dhubri at four o'clock one evening and leave

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to the trough to get a swallow of water, and then returns to its corner

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If it is true that Death loves a shining mark, then the old,

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had adhered to outside of capillary tubes when these were filled Decem-

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ders, cattle-plague, or sheep-pox, or has been slaughtered in consequence of being af-

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family, and expressed the hope that the midwife of the future

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by direct experiment that sixteen of these birds were for some reason

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in the fourth stomach and large intestines ; the kidneys congested and

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changes: eyes closed and eyelids ulcerating; nose — the pig had beeu

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lapse and therefore was abandoned. The first result of the appli-

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Cliarlton. — Farm animals generally have remained in good health

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size and form and in their nutrition, respiration, and mode

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Brunton, Dr. Lauder, pharmacological researches, 125.

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In Professor Law's experiments, but one of the agents which he used

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ward and rather unnatural position and unable to rise. Called again

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gradually passing up the arm. On Saturday, September 4th, the

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of these pictures, however, may justly be made that the parts of

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substances. These are not all true cases of anaemia, because,

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is negatived by the fact that these same virulent bacteria continue to

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