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point also to the nervous system as the first part of the body
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and has since prevailed to a greater or less extent in several of the Eastern and a few
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three indurated spots upon which the lungs were condemned. The
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or foreign trade in them. This government would regard any proscription of our
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The solution should be fresh, and should be allowed to remain in
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with a strong scalpel. The bone is rapidly dissected out
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odors as they do for dimes, so they are ready to treat the
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Vermillion. — All classes of farm stock in this county are unusually
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signs of general intoxication by this agent. Upon examination
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with horsehair, and the intussusceptum is amputated one
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his profession, it is true, but still one who knew how to keep a
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compression may be mentioned retroverted uterus, uterine
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on the diagnosis except by failing to act on the bowel. Rec-
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The face sometimes becomes somewhat livid during the strug-
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daughters had their home. There he spent the last years of his
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Carbolic acid poisoning. — Landouzy in severe cases of
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ports of Schleswig and of Holstein, or of either of them, under this order.
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bauds, cords, other loops of bowels, and b}^ traction, will
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■over it ; neither has it grown any, and is therefore small and runty.
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to contain a pure growth of the granules, the others contained consider-
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((7) Foreign bodies enter the alimentary canal (a) by the
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Comstock, George F., Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co. Founder.
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Thirdly, an animal that has had an attack of swine plague, no matter
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and propagated there, and not alone to the gaseous products of ordinary
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few men have been compelled to fall out even on the longest
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Brundage, A. H., 609 Madison St., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Original. (Re-
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longer. The effect of putrefaction and drying 011 the activity of the
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done in better circumstances, I chose finally the first
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those of typhoid fever before being prepared to concede

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