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Dr. George L. Richards of Fall River, Mass., has made use of it

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injection of aqueous thyroid extracts, decoctions, and concentrated

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varying from 2 to 10 per cent., and occasionally he has used a 20

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Another patient suffered for fourteen years from congestion

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•""^Birds and fowls, symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease in 286

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named by the other soldiers.' That some anemias occurring in

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of Colonial Wars, and the writer. Dr. Ward retained a fondness

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of older animals died of black-leg. But very few died during the past

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■have frequently had to send to investigate mysterious outbreaks of disease reported

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according to the case. The higher we go in the series, the

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My friend, Dr. Williams of Greene, N. Y., has been for

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good part of the region occupied with its vessels. The fovea

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one case at least, that the disease known as tuberculosis, probably, plays

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it from the breathing characteristic of pleurisy, in which the ribs are more or less

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it from the breathing characteristic of pleurisy, in which the ribs are more or less

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The inspector called on me first on his way to Washington (18th instant) ; again on

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and there is one other incident of my travels that bears

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the lymphatic glands, and will finally, if time be given it, prove

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effects, or with any tendency to narcotism ; nor had he found a

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poor became inert in the course of 14 days of its own

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Ringgold. — The principal disease prevailing among horses is distem-

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road. The first cow that died belonged to Mr. Crockett; she was taken

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nobody's business. We leave much of this to dental men

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withheld from others. He was a stern judge of probabilities in

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demands for its explanation that we assume the existence of a living,

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October 13 to February 28 so successfully, which, by the way, is

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individual's arising a much greater activity of the circulation

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taken, however, with instruments, as on several occasions Dr.

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name of the Earl of Elgin, who on this occasion gave

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and called upon Prof. W. Williams, F. E. S. E., and principal of the

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20th. A pig (No. 8, present report) had been inoculated twice with

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director the fat overlying the vein is torn away and the ves-

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county by which they are surrounded ; or, if partly surrounded by two or more coun-

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Other observers in this line of practice have obtained as satis-

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