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on gradually, or, as in most cases, rapidly. We see it most
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violently, regularly, powerfully, and frequently, so that it was
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affected with an unknown disease. The first symptom is a cough re-
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that this matter has been largely righted. I quote from the
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glycogenic function of the liver by normal salt injections, so
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thread-like worm being found in the lungs and surroundings.
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to submit the convalescent animals to the tests required to ascertain the
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sin at considerable expense. Much disease prevails among chickens and
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April 29. —No essential change in any of the pigs. No. 2 B seems to
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severe cases, relief from pain and swelling takes place and the
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probably be covered by two pathological conditions: a pri-
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to tighten around their necks, they look askance at their
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in 45 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis as well as in pneumonia and
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harmlessness is especially striking in those animals which the first inoculation affected.
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ringed before I bought it — swelled, sore, and ulcerating ; skin on scro-
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healthy, except Nos. 1 A and 1 B, but none of them, except No. 9, ex-
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istic morbid changes — the lungs the peculiar hepatization, and the caecum
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any kind were found, and in the remaining five, parasites
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fession. He was inclined to place the blame chiefly upon the
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then is : At what stage, and when does the \jarasite be-
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handling charbonnous animals, and whom I warned of the risk they ran, assert that
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once became apparent; these, upon being cut down upon, in the one
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tions, and, if any, mostly of the relatives, but, sizing up the
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series of cases investigated to follow even in cases in which a very
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found in the caecum and colon in this disease. Close fo the cardiac are two more
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it exists more often than we suspect and doubtless from the
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Nos. 2, 3, 9, G, 7, 8 A and 8 B. Pigs Nos. 2, 3, and 7 receive three
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trace of microbes can be found in the blood, and Koch's disease
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ings and ring sores, has raged among horses in this county during the
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Ixesrestio atioxi_s "bry Dr . H. J.DetaxveTS . Plate IV~.
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These atypical forms of neuralgia, although occasionally seen
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Case VIII. — Intestinal obstruction overcome by yeast. Recovery.
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ble dislocation of the head of the humerus, the result of an injury
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Bananina has not been heard of under this name during the

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