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tannin, insoluble in water and acids, but readily soluble in alkaline

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the medium of human beings, tame or wild animals, fodder, litter, man-

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The plan which was adopted by the revisers of our present United

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Dr. Eve's collection (Case xxxi) is quoted the case of a boy

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Jackson. — One hundred and thirty-seven horses have been lost in this

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1835 was the subject again formally and comprehensively

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products of inflammation. The late ~ Sir James Simpson was

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completing the missing link and thus proving beyond

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I, X. Y., hereby certify that I have this day seen the cattle above described, and

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members of Trinity Church, one of the oldest Episcopal churches

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Drs. Klein and Detmers both observed these micrococci, but the former

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the Nature, Properties, Effects, and Means of IDetection of Poisons, more

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we owe the successful existence of our free public library, and he

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of that part of the state. The doctor's grandfather, Henry D.

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under the benignant and patronizing smile of the governor,

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rate condition as to flesh, lying dead in the corner of an empty lot, to

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in the last period of gestation. We should thus kill two birds with one stone. In-

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76. A person, for the time being, appointed by the privy council an inspector for the

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a severe change of regimen at the commencement of the experiments,

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Another point worthy of suggesting is the difference

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fined to certain countries and never exist elsewhere, unless by direct im-

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Bronchitis with hemorrhage is often met with among the

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herds by treating those animals not yet plainly diseased with antiseptic

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abdominal wall. Operation performed within the first eighteen

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normal tissues. Cartledge says the origin of these peculiar

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basis for the old emjDirical method of treatment — viz., that of

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sion, from this resum^ of the achievements of serotherapy in its

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"3. The so-called experimental thyroidism is not specific for the

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ilis the first symptom of the disease indicates that general infec-

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really is weak and elastic. But the immersion of it in alcohol,

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transformation proceeded no further, and the product never became in-

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bank the land at a certain point is very low and flat, and cut up in many

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tumors, it leaves us a large number of causes of chronic

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absorbed, for it was found to appear in the urine. Its beneficial

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