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of feet, legs and upper limbs, and one with dislocation

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out from the vessels. iS'ow the amount of fluid which filters

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hand Priestley Smith has investigated the tension in a large

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the corneal epithelium ; on the other hand, mydriasis is slower in

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c. Blood of the spleen, such as oozed out of that organ when an incis-

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section to be of a dark red throughout the "whole thickness, the result of a capillary

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tion of the former to be handled with safety, and still at a price very

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As I have stated, the cervix looks discoloured and distended,

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the conditions for the actual contamination of the well-

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lar fibrous tissue rich in cells, and passes insensibly into the walls of the alveoli which

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April 18. — Pig No. 1 B is coughing and does not eat well ; pig No. 4

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deep, and the sinus promptly closed. Another case was that

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researches in regard to measures of prevention also in that direction.

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slaughtered as affected with pleuro-pneumonia, the owner thereof shall not be entitled

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than it was even a few years ago ; so are the obligations

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methods for the detection of the comma bacillus, we

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there is an abnormal increase of the bioplasm of the part, both by the

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authority, the local rate, and the clerk of the local authority.

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aches resulting from alcoholism, which were difficult to relieve,

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how she could empty this dreadful cup in five minutes by

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the Pecos Valley. Upon my arrival I found ample evidence of the mor-

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consumptives into the lower animals, without knowing what

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and could only be settled by a continuation of the inoculalions

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that he had found varying results from different brands of creo-

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and persistent may as a rule designate a malignant tendency.

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be prevented, I am almost sure the result would be more

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knowledge concerning its diagnosis and treatment, or in

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hypoglossal and glosso-pharyngeal nuclei. The large cells of these

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of a second inoculation practiced seventeen days after the first, and

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ant one to the profession in Xew York city, and also to the profes-

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inside consulting on their ailments, and it is most remarkable

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