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gland itself. This assertion is quite unfounded in fact. As I have
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of ascertaining whether any trace of this disease could be discovered in
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teaching or some other cause, have no knowledge of,
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The only lesion seen in post-mortem examinations that is likely to attract the atten-
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This phenomenon, however, is not peculiar to chicken cholera, but occurs
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cian, and he treated a number of cases with great satisfaction to
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June, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, and shall cease to have effect
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ing the vitality of the virus. Rosenkranz says that four weeks after the
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nephritis. Hirschberg (^ibid. 1884) double detachment in
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some after chloroform, is very rare after ether. He had met
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First, subnormal temperature is not as uncommon as we
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distemper. Out of a lot of 100 head of hogs I have lost, during the last
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The term u animal" means, except where it is otherwise expressed, cattle, sheep,
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that conservatism withholds action while waiting for definite
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vesicles in the mouth with a knife or lancet. If matter forms in the
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"A Kussian doctor has employed a glycerol of terebene, pre-
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future in medicine is the gathering together in one represen-
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There are still objections to the bacteria theory which, it seems diffi-
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nose. I thereupon introduced a dental wax-cast into the nostrils,
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of hydrogen dioxide is applied, that of the evolution of gas form-
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occurrino- after an exceptionally severe winter would doubtless operate as exciting
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For requiring the cleansing and disinfecting of yards, sheds, stables, fields, and other
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In June were shipped from Montreal, 3,938 ; of these 26 died.
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ten o'clock, and the afternoon session at two o'clock. While
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Dr. Hall laid down three rules for the use of digitalis in aortic
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the way from the gall-bladder to the bowel, though doubt-
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I will point out, however, one fact, namely, that the
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emaciated, and is now the smallest of the young pigs. No. 13 is active
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tiaberculosis. Small in stature ; age, thirty years, weighing 95 to
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Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians, London, by Robert J. Lee, M.D.,
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the end would be in a short time. They were much relieved to
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the regions is more frequently affected than the other. The eruption is
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especially to Grjlgi, Marchiafava and Bignami, that we
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I deprecate and deplore that indiscriminate use of it in
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mol, much larger numbers of the parasite would have been
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say so with no uncertain sound, and that they should
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