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commas be admitted to be the cause of cholera in man,
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of this agent in chronic coughs, and yet he claims its value in this
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ous attempts were made to dissolve the knives, but without
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specimens have been isolated, fatal to these birds. On
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lous deposits which have been arrested befoie passing into
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had tracheotomy performed, death taking place seven and two days after the
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without number attest this fact. That it is communicable
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They should be treated as if they were sons or junior brothers, for
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in a corked bottle to be noticed next, determined a growth with a lim-
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infancy of pathology. Perhaps the most probable of all the
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Nos. 1 a, 2, and 3 with, tlie pulmonary exudation of pig No. 11.
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of an animal nature, but now most authorities consider their place to
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proof that their milk was healthful. An attempt was now being
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The term ••metropolis" includes all parishes and places in which the metropolitan
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result of the reaction which takes place when a dilute solution of
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closely resembled those of poisoning by carbolic acid. The details
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frequent short coughs, or even hiccoughs, and often vomit-
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fake dispensary prosperity will cease and the medical jackals
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among grazing cattle there is now no disease reported in any part of the country :
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is believed to be the case at the ileo-caecal orifice, which
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To-day the hospital staff is all but in mutiny, because of
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in a single field of the microscope as in my case, occu-
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correct, but it surely has not the extremely disagreeable and pene-
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the animal can neither eat nor drink. It usually terminates in an abscess,
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the smallness of the epidemic that was going on at this
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limbs, faintness, lividity, coldness of the extremities, £frid a feeble
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noticed the same thing, and believe most thoroughly in eczema
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Kumbh fair in 1885, when I believe no extraordinary
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that would be raised by the levying of a rate of one shilling in the pound on the
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does that in the glomeruli rise and fall with the general pres-

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