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nearly two years ago, a stranger, very imperfectly acquainted

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Fordyce, John A., 66 Park Ave., New York, New York Co.

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of 1897. I referred her to Dr. Janeway, who after his usual

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animal {cf. its record) died afterward from other causes. An inocula-

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in Champaign, Champaign county, Illinois. As my opportunities to study

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cultivations succeeded in obtaining what he believed to be a pure crop

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2. Tlie virus must be carried upon the grounds frequented by fowls before they contract the

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would not be losers, for those who now refuse to contribute

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died October 2, was the fourth animal examined, and the seventh and

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substance, giving to the whole a slightly necroseel look. This central lobule was

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pigs in 2-4 hours. A fortnight later the water that

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not urgent, opium is to be given ; laxatives and electricity

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place. ZNo eases of this disease have been detected among swine received from the

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duration. As a matter of fact, it is known, and has

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The same pig resisted all subsequent inoculations with more virulent

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nal coils not perceptible. In this form the expulsion of gas

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cases of lung fever in horses. Muscular rheumatism appears to prevail

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reported, but this disease has measurably disappeared during the past

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with aneemia. In many of the enlargements of this organ

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parent cloud near the bottom having the appearance of crystals. Under the micro-

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Plate I has been drawn. Fig. 1 represents a section through the whole of one and part

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a century ago recognised the importance of operating at a

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been administered the child's mouth became inflamed and the

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males, elderly persons than young subjects. The obstruction

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namely, that twice, under two different administrations, the mayor

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crement is voided frequently, consists largely of urates suspended in a

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on New Practical Pharmaceutico-Therapeutics and New Surgical

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in recent years has indeed established a most intimate con-

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infection, all the organs working badly, temperature about

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sixty-nine, and in the order of council relating to the port of Southampton, dated the

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vision for their proper execution by properly-qualified persons, which can

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cept one (No. 2), which fell off in health and died later of constipation

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which 137 cattle were affected with pleuro-pneumonia, 33 sheep with foot-and-mouth

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** The two best-known remedies for this purpose are benzonaph-

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to the very great rarity of this particular kind of fibroma.

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