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such as in irregular margin of the pupil, explained by the
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possible ; when it is not possible, a fsecal fistula must be
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existing and their presence is not accidental — has been determined. I
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favorable results from doses varying from 0.5 gramme to 1.5
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resists it in the severe cases. Now, in the li.tter, the
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acid, as devised by Esbacli for the detection of albumin in the
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these characteristics inside as well as outside of his medical
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tissue. This is especially marked in the neighbourhood of the
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the womb allows the finger to pass readily within it — the patu-
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phia, of which, and of its inclosure, I have the honor to inclose a copy. From this it
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Notwithstanding anything in this section, the privy council may from time to time,
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ulent blood that had been he ted to 145° F. for one hour. Hypodermic
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poison cannot multiply itself its effects must steadily decrease with its
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epitomised in the word typhoid. I cannot admit that
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Death occiuTed in a woman, 39 years of age, shortly after the operation.
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23d of June last, I left 2sew York for Liverpool, and arrived there
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professors, before the advent of the chair of prudence, dis-
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states that '' death is therefore to be regarded as the proba-
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cases, of which eight were cases of septicaemia, four post-
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from the abdominal cavity and the pedicle ligated. On opening,
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objects is usually accounted for by their being domiciled for
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interstitial nephritis the results had been disappointing and in
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Information as to the proper treatment of these diseases would be of
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step further and no deaths at all took place, the germs, instead of enter-
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filtrated all the tissue as is the case in the hemorrhagic infarction of the contagious
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evidence that the cholera microbe was degenerating in
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the subsequent days, with much benefit and no ill ejBfects. Defer-
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wound that may happen to exist, produces almost precisely the same
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irritation to the lower abdomen, over the enlarged uterus ; the
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invaluable remedy. Taken along with food in small quanti-
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figures indicate great activity and afford ground for
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twenty-four hours, ^. e., before adhesions form, but in all
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carefully examined, and should there be found any patho-
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in many places as high as 3 feet 6 inches. This excep-
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thymol, and that the giddiness, fainting, vomiting and

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