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late years, the subject has been thought so little worthy
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ptomains, or other poisonous organic principles, which are the
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All or any powers by this act conferred on the privy council may be exercised by
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His adult dose varied from 10 to 20 milligrammes (^ to 3 of a
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interfered with. In neurasthenic patients severe headaches
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of the most diseased portion which was sent up to London for the in-
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Tube Xo. 50 : 1 to 50. Liquid perfectly clear. No organisms.
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that are unbroken and run at large. When attacked by disease they cannot
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water repeatedly contaminated with swine-plague schizophytse, which
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error may appeal to the justices in petty sessions and the justices may rectify the error
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mations of different parts of the constituents of the lungs, there also being indications
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Adams County. — I have not heard of a single case of contagious dis-
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tism rapidly disappeared. On March 22d she was again put on
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heart cases to be carefully studied. I cannot but thank you
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bodies, which together weighed sixteen ounces, when
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not given. Some of the swallowed substances were expelled
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Cremated Wood ^lobules due to blood extravasations. In addition it need only be
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toms of septicaemia and the septic poisoning was very marked; the
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finger and thumb, while the intussuscipiens, or sheath, is held
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to secure suitable legislation to control the charitable dispensaries,
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State Medical Association was held at the Grivar House, Little
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wound is bathed in microbic exudation, the irritating products of
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parasitic worms so common in this section, viz. : EchinoryncJius gigas,
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but its use, either by the mouth or as a hypodermic injection (in
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London : SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo Place.
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formerly I held with many others the view that the dissemination of the germs
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arteries, and therefore here, for lack of anastamoses to sup-
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The tonsils contain yellowish cheesy products distending their follicles.
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astringent but not irritating, and is worthy of a more extended
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May 19. — Pig No. 7 is improving; eats some, and is more lively. No.
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Hartlepool . — Hartlepool has one foreign-animals' wharf: (a) west side of the Jack-
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outer border as well as on the inner. The pelvis was also fully distended with urine,
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that they are in addition to the thirty- two previously published
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immediately instituted was commenced under the impression that the diseased animals
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