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Dr. Salmon, in common with other observers, finds the disease pro-
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raised in France, the charbonnous affection quickly appears, since the animals are
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to try remedies simply because we cannot prove them worth-
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is- to be applied three times daily over the entire surface of the
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Therapeutics of Calotropis Gigantea. By J. Morton, m.d., l.r.c.p., l.r.c.s., Mussoorie
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At first the patient should be allowed to lie comfortably with-
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These facts would seem to indicate that Nageli's views in regard to
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it is much cheaper than all similar preparations. His observations
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ing on the spot the diseases of the people of India, and
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his address to the Budapest Congress in August last.
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necrosis, when the lesion resists all other treatment, surgical
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epidemic, and makes their explanation more difficult.
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been so mild as to have left no other tangible symptoms.
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later on if the constitution of the animal has been modified by rich and abundant
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my case of quartan ague I have alluded to. Here the
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experience of several others, who are daily engaged in the work of
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dejecta. This year having traced one of these minia-
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tion of external wounds. All these appliances were constructed
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learned now from the latest revision of the British Pharma-
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obtained." (Berlin, klin. Woehensch., Vol. XXXV, page 550.) All
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nodule of the size of a pea, and of a soft, somewhat pulpy consistency
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We occasionally find a case of diphtheria in which the
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exist on the retina in looking at the object from the side away from
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paratively little danger. Sibilus, heard at the lower parts, indicates a condition of
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about twenty-five or thirty medical societies in Greater New
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from these maladies, and should use them in half a dozen
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the lymphatic vessels of the dead subject, for demonstrating pur-
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fix, and the local authority may adjourn as they from time to time think fit.
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"In the sick room, by the bedside of a patient," writes the Hon.
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chronic causes (and they are generally situated in the large
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For convenience in using, tablets have been made of these sil-
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mania and melancholia, are of frequent occurrence. Most of
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am able to select bearing upon this subject, appending
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the use of the hand, excepting that portion of his fingers operated
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long the bacillus of tetanus which lives only on the surface of the
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my ancestral people in the '' avenoliths '' or oat-stones made
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hundred in all. Added to these, he has been favored by reports
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equal. Faecal accumulations occur oftenest in females, three

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