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immoderately. At one time he had been engaged in making a
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basic closure, the condition of the bow.els, the sleep, the
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This rider the writer displays at the head of his article,
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better results. He used it in 150 cases in his surgical practice, as
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also during the months of August and September very heavy rainfalls *
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â– which is a manifest proof that earth of a certain thickness arrests all solid particles of
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7. If the cause and infectious principle of the plague consisted in
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The meeting was called to order by the President at 10 : 10 a. m.
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weiglit and general improvement were sufficient proofs to him of
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therefore not opened. The third stomach, however, was not impacted,
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are not essential to its production. A soil pervious and permeable to
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need for oxygen that they multiply mostly on the surface, very soon forming a mem-
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he has sought for in the phenol group of antiseptics, and particu-
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inlet, then the tendency is to increase the contents of the
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the size of a walnut, presses on the superior cava, and has nearly
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tions of filth, and the absence of all systematic disinfection, the con-
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be expected from the south and from the southwest than from any other
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been obtained for which the name " guaicamphol," has been
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and retained at this temperature for an hour or more, until, in short,
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occupant will look back on the time when his chair was
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and confusion of all kinds; and for atheism, nihilism, and fatalism
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psoriasis, with all its attendant mental and physical misery, was
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of perfect apjTexia, namely, the intermittent fevers,
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have constructed theories, some of which oppose while others confirm
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beyond our comprehension. Suffice it to say that infection is
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is evident, therefore, that a virus, taken from a diseased
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it appears certain that in the vast majority of casijs the disease is imported and kept
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has been shown in the case of anthrax, that if such immuuity on the
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Jane way, Edward G., 36 W. 40th St., New York, New York Co. Foun-
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great influence on our sanitary measures as the recent discoveries of
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completeness. They always appear as cysts which grow, in
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New York Medical Record (Vol. LIV, page 173) on "An Antidote
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it in from 10 to 12 gr. doses three times a day at first, increasing
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