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Neither do I agree with M. Tonssaiut upon the identity wtieh he declares to exist

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reached this latter stage, it seems there should be no hesita-

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*Ward, Charles S., 30 W. 33d St., New York, New York Co. Founder.

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capillary walls, produces intra-vascular clotting, if reaching the

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is, if possible, on higher ground than the lot occupied by the diseased

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where the result of my work could be later on observed.

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his kindly presence, his counsel, or his sympathy. O Death !

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The special question which this paper refers to is the

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that there is more of value in it than was at first supposed. All

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the carpus, metacarpus, and phalanges were directly continuous ;

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Tobacco-pipe, wound of ascending pharyngeal artery by, 163.

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twenty-iive days after drying. It has been recently ascertained, also,

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mise, as to what evil agent produced the mutation. These

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the manner advised by M. Toussaint. These experiments are to be continued with

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Third District, Drs. L. J. Brooks and H. W. Carpenter.

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vessel in which a culture had just been completed, and without the pos-

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floin? any in :,-;■': li-f vrr':[ \Ai !-_•- and arms, but it is not necessary

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have been during the year. I think 85,000 will cover the losses for the

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The size and appearance of the diseased portion after a clean cut had been made

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zz: 20 refraction contracted, Y. = g. Comment : Patient was under

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The president's address was read. Subject, "Venesection."

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of a single oval fungus spore 12 hoa ^7 s^ou^ 1 °f an lllca i R s * ze ? ^hich

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the second dose. The salicylic acid to be discontinued, and hst.

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agent was employed, and only two of these cases were benefited.

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since eleven o'clock in the morning. At first it had affected the

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in individual cases. This is manifest in such a condition as

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collected, .$20; by interest, $78.09; making a total income of $98.09.

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used empirically, and that they have great value ; but would

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"Under such circumstances, I hesitate very much even to report

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1 to 2 grammes (15.4 to 30.9 grains) of this agent, he obtained

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facilitates operation and diminishes the possibilities of infec-

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tact with some moisture are in precisely those conditions of a limited

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fitting of glasses may appear to some of you a very simple

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ments are passed in succession to ensure the required exten-

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cannot multiply in the soil, being laid up, not dead, but inactive like the

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