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ature on the subject than mention a few more of the prominent
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the care of various physicians ; bladder irrigated, etc. Not sel-
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carried off a good many cattle. The epizooty among horses has pre-
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of cholera; but after reading the histories of epidemic
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The first class necessarily divides itself into acute and
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special reason for operation. The alcoholic habit charac-
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considered when deciding on operative measures. Severe and
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that of the feet being most common. The nose and the parts adjoining
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hand. He was again injected with morphia, and removed to
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der for dusting on wounds that has been presented to the surgeon-
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stood, and the clothing of people who have been about the sick animals,
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epidem'cs of cholera are mainly waterborne, infected
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of contagious pleuro -pneumonia, but of broncho-pneumonia, and the col-
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he reports very definite favorable results. On open wounds after
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voutly to be wished for, and to strengthen the influence
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not larger than one-fourth inch in diameter, the exact nature of which
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Journal, Dr. Sousino says : " I do not exaggerate in saying that
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the patient has had recourse to the same means for getting
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out again, only about half of that quantity was actually consumed.
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acute obstruction. When, however, the peritonitis is limited
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" Probably there is some incompatibility in this formula between
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may be), and other proper particulars, and such record shall be evidence if any ques-
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as to the state of the sub-soil water at any period may
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same district comparatively free from fever I found
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reflex disturbances so often prominent in cases of coccy
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by the very limitation of his means of diagnosis and treat-
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to that of Koch's, which ten years ago started the lines of
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ployed and have been kept as steadily at work as the means placed at
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The reason he had inquired as to the greater prevalence of tuber-
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a disputed point. Supposing we are called to treat a
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Surgn.-Major J. B. Gibbons, l.r.q.cp., l.r.c.s.i., I.M.S.
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to state that this is the rule in all districts. But it
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Multitudes of the dear people void their morning urine
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