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quently was not exposed to the air at all, developed chains of spherical

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Seasons, varying, favor varying mortality in swine plague 132

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slight cough. Sputa frothy, sometimes bloody ; but there is

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supervene on an attack of ordinary catarrh, particularly if the animal be neglected,

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similar ulcers with depressed center, en'cireled by a raised yellow ring of sloughing

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Indigenous Drugs 01 India. By it. Jr. Uanerjee, b.a., g.b.m.s.l., Pachbadra ...

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*Truax, J. G., 17 E. 127th St., New York, New York Co.

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rior fibres of the internal and external lateral ligaments, with

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treatment of two cases, showing in a general way their progress.

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localities it has destroyed almost every animal. The symptoms of the

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might readily believe, then, that disease of the middle turbi-

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form clusters and chains but not rods. Klein found in the virus gran-

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him my preference was for the former. Borrowing his figure of

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about. The other pigs are apparently healthy, at least are without any

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seases to rise from 15,006 in 1883 to 32,663, or 466

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bly would have ensued still later if no medicines had been poured into

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Prevention of contagious diseases, influence of recent investigations upon b9

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particles which constitute the virus. Davainehas shown that the activity

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which article will be of interest to those who care to follow up the

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preference, as it were, for these portions of the tube can

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cised to prevent the addition of atmospheric germs. The tubes, &c,

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(Fig. 2.); After a preliminary row of sutures connecting the

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the absence of typhoid fever, as determined by course, symptoms,

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The superficial inguinal glands are greatly enlarged and of a dark red.

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of the former is probably the amount of liquid passed through the organism, and of

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tubes containing the effusion, because this necessarily comes in contact

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until the other signs of acute inflammation, such as the distension of the vessels and

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future reports of this department ; they are sufficiently numerous to be worthy of the

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and one third fares on the certificate plan to those paying

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at a later time no trace of a vibrio would be detected

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blood is irLtrodnxced; e . xentilatin.Q tube packed -with cottox at f ,

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Trional (di-ethyl-sulphon-methyl-ethyl-methane), closely allied

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death he showed mainly torpor of the liver and bowels, and finally, in

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except in the way of repetition of previous results.

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In other experiments a series of bulbs were blown on

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be of service. Dr. W. Zinn reports 80 additional cases treated

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