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Clinical Remarks on the Treatment of some Bone Diseases. By A. Neve, l.r.c.p., f.r.c.s.,
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diseases appear capable of causing this condition — caries with or
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lated hernia or intussusception. During three years of an
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ined as an expert the lungs from some of the Ontario cattle. He said :
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upon lint and applying it for from three to five days. Healing
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them from that blind idea of charity, then do good to bad
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July 25. — Pig No. 12 very low. No. 13 eats and drinks well,, and
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fortified against a second attack as if it had contracted the disease in
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patients should be deemed fit for active mechanical emplo}'-
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ceives the services of the best medical talent of the city, and
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Yancey. — The health of farm animals for the past year has been about
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s^'mptoms, will make it possible, in the majority of cases, to
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was a typical case of kala-azar ; no anchylostoma were found.
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consciousness has been fully regained, to administer one-
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tact with some moisture are in precisely those conditions of a limited
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the appetite is very poor, medicine can only be administered regularly
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may have had upon it. The period of greatest anxiety and
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be conclusive evidence that it is authorized by this act : and no objection shall be
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a very decided burning pain apparently extended throughout its
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find that it has been largely used, and that we are now in a posi-
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taking better care of their stock than formerly, and it shows quickly in
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* while the occurrence of the haemorrhage has a veiy unfavour-
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to my evidence printed at page 38 of the 1893 Cooly Mortality
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of this product." {Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, Vol. IX,
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thral injections, is quite effective. Orthoform itself is insoluble
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and our losses have been light the past season. Immense losses continue
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very attractive plan, which no doubt would not be objected to by
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W. L. S., age 60, good habits and in excellent health for a man
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In April, 1889, I read a paper before the Medical Society
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evacuation. Has much headache and insomnia. Upon examina-
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difficult)^ The urine was drawn off, and a few drops of blood
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Ehrlich's theory that the formation of antitoxins within the body
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contagious, Dr. "W. F. TTbitney's microscopic examination of lungs of 272
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there is more taken from them, and the excess is poured out
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On the 2nd August about Oj of blood lost. Amputation just below the

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