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at the shortest notice, with hospital and private work
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paresis or paralysis of a portion of the bowel exists, it has
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purple in color; non- crepitant and depressed, resembling fetal lungs sinking slowly in
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fore taking them on board, had on board any cattle exported from any port in any
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quence of the removal of a greater portion of the thyroid gland,
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post-graduate institutions for six weeks or more, and then go
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1862. In the latter part of October, 1862, he was detailed to the
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other organisms, and on the impossibility of breeding
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The one remedy now for all of this is plain, and of comparatively easy
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of the grooved lancet, punctures being made both in the thigh and ear,
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♦McLochlin, James A., 157 W. 21st St., New York, New York Co.
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only the serious cases were notified which had passed through the
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eased, others in smaller numbers died with all thesyptoms of spontaneous charbon, and
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In the month of August, 1878, we therefore buried in a garden on the farm of M.
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done where the obstruction is due to a strangulated hernia.
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remedy, but that they should continue its use for a long time
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ally fail to do that. Abdominal puncture is not entirely
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visit. The one selected had been improving for about a week, Lad a
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fore 0.02 and 0.05 g. respectively. Toxic effects were observed in
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exists ; we may do for them what they want us to do, and
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purpose of lessening the losses caused by the plague. But whether
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The one first examined was marked '■ Steamer Victoria, from Boston, July 19, 1660,
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Salubrol (di-methylene-antipyrin bromide), the new general
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case of the latter disease we will at once inform the authorities and have
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tery. The only after-effect noted was ' a hot taste ' at the right
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As alluded to in previous years, Russia has been leading up to
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action of creasotal. Reviewing our experiences, we come to the
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Owing to the fact that more than one intussusception can
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perfectly hepalized luno tissue of young pi^.Aportion of same field as Xo.6 a bid
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November 7. — Fed with morbid tissues. (This pig never fully recovered, but had no
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bers in the sputum. Guaiperol gr. 5 in cachet three times a day
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to occlusion of the tubes and vesicles by the catarrhal secretion, or to more or less col-
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cultivated in the white of fresh eggs, first, second, third, and fourth

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