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some of them long ago, that trade is actually discouraged to some
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Casualty Physicians— Dr. Wickham Legg, Dr. Hall, Dr.
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above the queen of all cardiac tonics. The dose of digitalis
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animals had a plain odor of putrefaction even before death ; and this
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removed beyond the reach of the fowls ; a slight sprinkling is not sufficient, but the
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often the starting-points of simple stenosis. The latter form
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Pns from inoculation swelling lias roils (bacillus)
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of severe neuralgia on the right side of his face. On examining
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cally drawn by Hammond twenty-five years ago of the influ-
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row on the credit of the property on the credit whereof they are authorized to borrow
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and are stunted hi growth. Scab and the fluke-worm are common
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diawal of fluid, the kidneys resume their function and secrete
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I have tried pretty thoroughl}^ the different methods which
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sical and mental depression without definite cause. This would
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the following conclusions: "Formaldehyde has extraordinary
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a large number of germs, which develop into micrococci. As such
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mines, — an exaniination which must be repeated at regular inter-
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the abdominal walls. Temperature, 102 1. Hypodermatic syringe
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this animal without producing eruptions or sores. (9) That the
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results in the use of this agent in pulmonary tuberculosis by local
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■over it ; neither has it grown any, and is therefore small and runty.
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ether or chloroform narcosis, and that due to shock. Here
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disease that has prevailed among these animals has been the distemper.
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arrived fron the United States. An Order of Council was passed on November 4 and
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the grayness of the hair alone, nor will it do to measure it bv
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tle have died for want of proper care and attention. ■ The value of the
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cient, constituents normal. The family history showed several
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nature. He was free from those sordid characteristics which gov-
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eye and side of the face. He ascribed it to cold. This pain lasted
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dition is improved ; stopped strychnine and continued digitalis
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At a recent meeting of the Odontological Society of Great
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and small spherical bodies, and the cremated appearance of the blood globules.
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He had been failing for some months before his death and his
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excepting on the summits of the rugae, which are pale or pinkish yellow, according to
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