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section (as might be expected from the nature of such sections),

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In reply to your note of yesterday, I have to say that if it was Professor Law who

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Chelius' Surgery, and appears as Case xxxvii, page 266, of

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Formalin (40 per cent, solution of formaldehyde), the now well-

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character of the affection will only be ascertained on the dis-

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animal, may require a most careful and minute examination to detect its

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I believe public opinion wiU support me, that no pro-

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for experimental purposes, and also to tempt the appetite of some very

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interest. Not only do the tissues of the viscera suffer from

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race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong."

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qu'Us doivent respecter sous peine de repousser et de

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the Government Hospitals," illustrating it by maps and drawings

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ment of the clergy. The physician should not hesitate to exact a

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that persons with normal digestion are not prone to the dis-

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States of Disease." [Muench. Medicin. Wochensch.y Vol. XLV.,

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restriction that all lungs must be laid aside until they have been ex-

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consciousness has been fully regained, to administer one-

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1895 to one half of what it had been in the year 1892. Apart from

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A man at threescore-and-plus naturally takes more interest in

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eign animals, or any specified kind thereof, brought from any specified country or

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known as cholera. The principal disease among sheep is grub in the

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occurring sometimes in the middle of the day, and such

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known. It is evident that the critical period is that of the

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then inserted, and, at the present time, the discharge had prac-

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tuberculosis by this means. Dr. Charles Denison of Denver,

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to the reproduction of bacteridia. In fact, I introduced to the facial vein of four of

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siderable extent among cattle. It is a very fatal malady. Chicken

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ment on animals, or even upon man. After a drug has been

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(these seeming perhaps to be in perfect health), contract this fever,

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fever, and indeed it is sometimes only on post mortem

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30 years hence will, I venture to think, be able to

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hemostasia by exciting the contraction of the arterioles and a

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who know of such attacks, it is rare to come across fatal

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ined as an expert the lungs from some of the Ontario cattle. He said :

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