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I believe, than are some of the free continental ports or provinces to some of the in-
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camphoroxol and naphthoxol, was employed. (Deut. Medicin.
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use of atropine this case developed increased tension and
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when cholera broke out among the inhabitants residing
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the inunctions of europhen had been commenced that any im-
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In many diseases, both medical and surgical, we cannot
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Eemedy for black-leg.— Mr. H. M. Kemp, of Schuyler, Colfax
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excuse, cannot be too strongly condemned, but if, after a
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September 21 to 30. — No essential change in any of the pigs. All the
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of the basement membrane have passed off. Subsequently it is gradually reproduced.
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it is of marked value and he has proved its efficiency in eight cases
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inspectors have been ordered to be on the lookout for this latest
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to exist in this vicinity. Advanced and well-marked cases
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indefinite increase, and may undermine the health or destroy life in one
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Fleming, in his work on Veterinary Sanitary Science and Police,
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greatest importance to prevent the healthy fowls from trespassing upon the infected
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At this period no proper accommodation existed at the port of Liverpool for either
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Army Medical Department to be as distinct clinically,
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apex of each lung anteriorly. Temperature, I04*4°. 10 p.m ,
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This being true, and sux^posing that we are in possession of an inoculating liquid so
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with unhappy memories; he is sorry now that he consented
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half protected from fire, as the hospital is now only half pro-
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somewhat mottled; lungs almost completely hepatized; bronchi filled
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1 had ample opportunities to test most of the usual
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This section shall extend to horses and other animals not within the definition of
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tongue. Although of slight consequence as an etiological factor,
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It may seem kind, but can anything be more cruel than to
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had adhered to outside of capillary tubes when these were filled Decem-
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cerning the superiority of absorbable over non-absorbable
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its meeting on January 19th last by Dr. Walther. The cases were
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If you can insert these corrections in your next number I shall feel greatly
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hemorrhagic diathesis. Troubles with the extrinsic eye mus-
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lung- worms) has changed, sounds hollow, is weak, and characteristic of
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Euchinin (euquinine), the compound of quinine introduced last
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July 17. — Pigs Nos. 11 and 13 a trifle livelier, and eat and drink some.
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claims to obtain no secondary troubles as in the case with the lat-
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the germs are washed away, or, if not, are early disinfected by the action
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1. Cultivation on slides. — March 10, five slides were prepared by putting
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an important part in the phenomena of the so-called X-rays." . . .

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