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or disturbed that bacilli can safely pass through to the intes-
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and the blood they would otherwise contain is driven in upon
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I first endeavored to determine whether or not this immunity is congenital. For
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fever. Dr. Joseph Sanarelli, the director of the Hygienic Insti-
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this layer is weakened or absent is evidence of its value
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scab, and occasionally to leech in the liver. Horses are frequently at-
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Case XIV. — Mrs. H. S. H., aged sixty-seven, complains of indis-
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of little value to those who do not exercise the feeble wis-
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on account of the publicity which was inevitable in the daily
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Fourthly. That the cattle imported are accompanied by a declaration and certifi-
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probable one, the risk of using unjustifiable force to overcome
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current operative technique is unquestionably preventible.
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was well marked, but more indistinct toward its outer margin. Of these
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pression following continued fever, and haemorrhage.
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a quiescent condition in the soil, but of being awakened
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in this connection, a short consideration of the baneful effects
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made our researches on the presence or absence of this
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tracing the food from the mouth, through digestion and
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and there are so many minutise in it that it consumes a
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cholera among hogs, and, I think, this malady is becomiug gradually
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organisms, in the shortest possible time, at the least exjjense and
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representatives of about one-third of the entire steam tonnage of the United Kingdom,
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left lung a pocket has been formed which holds half a teacup-
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places where the disease, according to the best information obtainable,
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skin and in the mucous membranes, for instance. An extensive loss of
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the past year is estimated at 857,050. The disease which proves so fatal
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scientific facts and theories and possibly with the thought that he is
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dogs, and his conclusions were that whereas creosote and guaiacol
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VAcademie des Sciences des Paris, on the etiology of charbonnons affec-
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characteristic morbid changes, especially in the caecum and colon, and
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cluster. In this way the clusters not only changed form, but they
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which well shows the results of careful watching of the con-
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animals, but owing to long-continued drought 25 per cent, of our cattle
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pieces of iron hoops, the blade of a knife, a large iron buckle,
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MEDICINE : being a Guide to the Investigation of Disease, for the Use of
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the cases are seen early, say during the first thirty-six hours,
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every two hours. If any sign of sinking of the pulse
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