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Pig No. 4. — Inoculated with virus that had been mixed one-half hour before using with four

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Gelante, the skin dressing composed of gelatin and tragacanth,

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closure. A small rent in the peritoneal coat some distance above

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primarily normal calcified bone to be deprived of a portion

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No. 3 with slight aneemia and a large spleen had the anchy-

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the body, while almost all other absorbable chemical bodies, when

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of them) did not exceed 99.5°. Many similar cases are on

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quite vicious, and is useless for dairy purposes. The average loss of

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who have discarded the old-fashioned methods so long employed

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wrapped up from contact with the atmosphere than in other cases. On

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report [Medical Neiv.s, Vol. LXXI, page 763) and gives the results

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chitis was rapidly effective. The irritation of coughing, the

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that there appears to be but very little advance in fifty years.

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suffer from lack of shelter during the long winters.

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or privy council, the place shall cease to be an infected place as regards cattle-plague

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their tone and assisted by the restored perineum, have suffi-

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itself. Premature or partial senility should be recognized

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place. To a patient in advanced phthisis opium is truly the

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though I believe that, after the patella has become freely

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dies hard, I consider it necessary to make mention of

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afterwards when a lower tooth was in fault and was accom-

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Experiment No. 28, September 1. — One hen and one chicken inoculated

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with previous diarrhoea prevalence, pointing also to an increase

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place in a healthy condition, and but few alive, the pleuro-pneumonia killing them off,

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The bacillus of diphtheria, found in diphtheritic mem-

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freshly shorn and unclothed, the consignor of the animals in respect of which (as the

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August 28. — Succeeded in getting the experimental pig-pen moved to

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tip pain was constant and the temperature remained high. Some six weeks after

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"I do not wish to say that I have not found benefit in many

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the sloop Mary from a healthy port sent into Philadelphia as a prize in

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breast. This proved to be benign. The operation was suc-

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