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for Experimental Therapeutics at Marburg, Prussia, has studied

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Bacilli similar to those in the blood of the dead animals, and when

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way, but it does not cut any ice, now that the medical pro-

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held. It was thought that the only chance for the child lay in amputation of

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after being once introduced, we are satisfied, after a long series of experiments, that

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removed. No part of the body was exempt from this rash, the

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Susceptibility to fowl cholera increased by cold weather 40

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June 8th, last (Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., Vol. CXXXIX,

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occur among those animals which received regular doses of carbolic

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cholera of fowls. These two diseases are entirely different." f

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on account of such a rash, and having been given 260 milli-

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tion. Sir James Y. Simpson has written that it may be depended

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pleuropneumonia it is destroyed, and an inquiry made which soon shows

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York, and the excellent results obtained, attest the possibili-

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for this treatment, is that the pulmonary symptoms and fever

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great deal, and of which much has been written. One is the

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pleuro-pneumonia and foot-and-mouth disease. It is as follows :

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across. The pelves and ureters of the kidneys were not dilated

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B. Cells elliptical or shortly cylindrical : Bacterium.

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was put into a bath for fifteen minutes, the water being cooled

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increase in size they may become confluent ; and in a more adA r anced stage they

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subject which some years since Sir James Y. Simpson named

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of the use of non-absorbable suture material. Nor do I

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ance of death caused by bleeding. Internally, all 'organs in the chest

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the failure to produce them previously was due to the short time

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dol." It is claimed to be a chemical combination of menthol and

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There may be, and frequently is, an evacuation of more or

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it is non-toxic to such an extent that he reports having used as

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Tube Xo. 65 : 160° F. for 15 minutes. Appearance and contents of liquid similar to

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bined with sulphuric and carbolic acid internally, failed

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