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rected, was 1^5. Yision of the same eye in 1898, the refraction

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Those who take the kidneyine with an abundance of water

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in the fact thatjje employed larger doses than were necessary. It

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very definitely states that the improvement noticed was undoubt-

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interest in the subject is not only not diminished, but is on the

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must involve fresh taxation. The results of sanitary

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materials found in any laboratory. It is described in the next paragraph.

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Academy of Medicine, March, 1895. Medical Record, p. 475,

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does not comport with our courtesy to the public, or our charity to

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pathogenic strength. This rule is especially applicable

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occurring on the thinner parts of the skin of the inoculated animal.

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A recess of twenty-five minutes was then taken, after which the

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enough to generate more than sufficient formaldehyde for its dis-

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severer cases, while in mild ones some improvement has been

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Dr. A. Breton of Dijon, France, reports his continued satisfac-

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other variety the cervix will probably fill the entire summit of a

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liament or otherwise a separate police establishment.

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16. Unduly frequent and excessive dilatation of the ure-

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loose subcutaneous cellular tissue of these parts so favors

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cultivated in Pasteur's solution, and in some cases produced inflamma-

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ject of my present investigation. Last year certain antiseptics, such as

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tions the use of europhen in a very subordinate way.

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International Medical Annual, 1896, p. 429, " Nervous Disorders

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causes. I have been the patient's attendant for the past ten

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Little can be said in favor of this method of reducing the

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sis shown by the dee;; color. The bronchus lies between the

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one which generally leads to the patient seeking medical advice.

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I found two depressed fractures of the skull. There was a "V"

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52. Eczema. — One case, contracted m. the Hospital, scarlatina, followed by

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10 P.M. — He was again injected with morphia, gr. 1. The body

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