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lowed by the hysterical, imbecile, and insane. A few more

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Objective : Tolle's Mo honxo ^ en.e oxts iTamep sion. ; E-jrepiee© : Beck's H'"No.2)

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A good many hogs have died with the disease still generally known as

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Letter from T. S. Gold, Esq., to E. M. Archibald, Esq., Her Britannic Majesty's Consul-

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Stomach : The mucous membrane on the great curvature was of a deep red, with

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of Indian Medical Inspectors of the Health Office of

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Second District, J. C. BENHAM, M. D., Columbia County.

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to get the same result. The doses of the two alkaloids were there-

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mal solid elements of the blood do not generally pass from one vascular system to an-

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a disappearance of the disease is to place the animals in conditiou favorable to the

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germ cell or the embryonic cell losing all the powers of varied growth

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affections are a source of irritation to the filaments of genital

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mention them, but figures each of the red corpuscles with its nucles.

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osseous union. The fact of coincident fracture of both

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producing or heat-regulating centers, aided by their influ-

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a better condition of all kinds of domesticated animals. Proper care

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Medicine, March 2, 1881. He came to Seneca Falls in September

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distinct disease, and that it is a powerful contriliutor to the

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stanch, giving to that part a honeycombed look, and in another lobule there was a

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in man. The comma bacillus therefore may very well give to

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mals affected with that disease have been landed at Liverpool, their lordships have no

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immediately instituted was commenced under the impression that the diseased animals

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ayithrajjis. Three days later they were again inoculated by the hypodermic injection

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Birdsall, Gilbert, North Brookfield, Madison Co. Original.

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really no need of taking them out. In a very large number of

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course on his part was sure to bring disrespect on the whole

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animals in such a way that in each lot there were brothers of those in the other.

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the soil is tilled with water. If both soil and subsoil is gravelly or sandy,

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disease could be readily observed in the formation of the soil and the

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ain; and that, although I myself have examined many hundreds of these,

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the drug, being imbued with a strong faith in it. The dose was

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intestine. For this reason it is unwise to give ^cathartics,

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attention of the physician, he is to combat and prevent pre-

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