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taract. Vaccination has been enormously extended and
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connected with the distribution of cases in a cholera
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I have purposely left alcohol for the last, for except in
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delirium. Obstinate constipation supervened which, for quite a long
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ter and spring of 1877-78, and killed nearly all the hogs. It finally
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Toussaintfs results. — Toussaint employed two different methods for the
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process, usually from the little slip between two teeth, growing
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pose of finding an antitoxin for rabies. He has discovered that
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the place I now occupy with more learning, grace and
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Abrus Precatorius and " Sutari " Poisoning. By N. Rudolf, b. sc., Saran ... ... 487 — 488
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arrest the evacuation in the first stage, that is, in
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and below towards the branching of the carotid artery. It does

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