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Experiment No. 43, September 17. — Four chickens receive a hypoder-

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change, however, into a deep-yellow color; up to this time the bird shows no other

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the poison become physiologically insusceptible to its pernicious effects,

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charity ; they left to the noble profession that helped them

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tory process from' the tubes to the alveoli or the irritation of inhaled inflammatory

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*B,' the following conclusions as to its value compared with cocaine

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canal close to the internal ring, but not strangled there. A knuckle of intestine

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sidered as essential, or have been dropped as inexpedient or

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on a thin cover and immediately inverted for a minute or two over a

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on the other hand, the approximation has been maintained

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excrement that I have already, frequently, mentioned as the urates.

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have reference to what may be called " Conservative Sur-

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the cases so treated is well known, but it is also a matter of

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prevented sleep. On examination, his arteries were everywhere

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peared much more congested than in cases which resulted from inocula-

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recorded by Dr. Eve (Case xxviii) of an infant sixteen

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under a hundred different conditions, and to see in each

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from Bellevue Hospital and its branches, Harlem and Gouverneur

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losing its activity. Yon Eaison even found that it resisted several hours'

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quented by diseased swine. Neither must the same contain a straw-

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of Athens, Greece, on the treatment of malaria with this agent

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of marked value in all chronic cases of pulmonary tuberculosis

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without a struggle, the pulse remaining at 96 and respirations at

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duodenale, but I throw out the suggestion in case any

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in whole or in part of the amount due from him in respect of the local rate, such

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Other terms have the same meaning as in the act of 1869.

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gium of this fever is both " fixed" and u volatile." Some French author-

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conditions 16 were attacked. It was also related that in 5,251

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consequently the future will see more sinus affections rather

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Xorthern, and Eastern breeders, traders, and shippers will be protected

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the congested area. Also an extensive yellow fur like a diphtheritic membrane some-

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portion of tlie ileum is the seat of the obstruction (in over

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stock for the people, was, that he needed ready cash ; that a

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it formed on agar were minute and difficult to detect.

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quently in very small numbers ; in true anchylostomia-

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relief, advised him to go to the hospital for treatment. On ad-

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