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larger majority of strictures, whether caused by cicatricial
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quite unnecessary, and that nothing further will occur to check the development of a
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34. "Where an inspector finds cattle-plague or sheep-pox to exist within his district.
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and more fibrillated, the original walls of the lymph spaces are still to be distinguished
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We have never been called upon to investigate a case of pleuro-pneumonia. We
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is all whose illness permitted of their taking thymol
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lus anthracis — always exists in the blood and tissues during life in the
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most characteristic of neuralgia. These are the remissions, —
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April 17. — Temperature, 1037°. Pnlse, 140. Put into a
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that from excellent proofs they'had given, something living, existing upon the surface
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1 in 1, and it is not therefore surprising that, if placed in the
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caution. In the old we are especially careful to have the
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external layers of tendinous structures having been opened
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It occurred to me that there might be septic organisms having the
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and heart, and laid his hand on the parts. The Sister then told
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read by Dr. Church at the last meeting of the society does not en-
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Experiment No. 39. — Three fowls used : one was the hen pronounced
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Presumably by far the greater portion of such pains are to
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ble and universally acknowledged potency must be owing to
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be displaced, and I look upon the origin of the renal artery below
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At the last meeting of the American Surgical Association,
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on a later investigation of these commas, found a num-
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step further and no deaths at all took place, the germs, instead of enter-
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feeding on millet. Milch cows seemed to be more readily and seriously
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to the owner thereof such sum, not exceeding one-half of the value of the animal
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radius, while the palmar prominence formed by the pronation of
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self as follows: " The experience of the writer, though at present

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