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and extension ; these movements of the leg from the line of

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prevails among hogs in some localities in this county. Some seasons

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the proportion of blood running into them raised the pressure

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charlatans who organized these dispensaries are as a rule un-

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een years of age, who had come under the care of Dr. Blake-

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without access to the writings of the patient delvers into the

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during advanced pregnancy, the preservative effect is extended to the

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neighborhood of the hoofs all detached portions should be carefully

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England, takes occasion, in reporting on his special treatment of

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[)atient, — has been seized by the governor and appropriated

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had been preserved closely packed in bran, and perished from the in-

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described as "a liquid prepared from the fresh and healthy thyroid

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ing. On the 9th was attacked with severe pain in the back; had.

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(a) into simple melancholia, (b) hypochondriacal melan-

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old age by the chaise in which " every part was made as

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body. It is not necessary to enumerate them. The effect

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iodoform gauze. After a few days granulation began, and a new

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preternaturally long mesentery or a normal mesentery elon-

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been produced (cf. account of experimental pigs rJos. 11, 12, and 18), be-

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or a saving of Dearly 25 per cent. In Ashhurst's earlier

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council, shall be deemed disinfected within this act, but not otherwise.

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As far, then, as the hygiene of the skin is concerned in

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of the frenum. (See illustration, Plate VII, Fig. 2.)

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ing an attack of peritonitis and finally became restored to

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distribution of this magnificent bequest. Now comes the

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dangerous from whatever locality it may come or from what-

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complications, from which death may result, may occur at

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shipped from Chicago on the 22d March, and 28 on the 7th April. They

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find that typhoid fever in Queensland bears exactly

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the supranormal. Vierodt tells us that a continued subnormal,

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Liver weighs 3200 grms. Gall-bladder collapsed, containing a

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source of the infection, that is, the diseased herd of swine from which

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much. The carbolic acid treatment was continued till September 30, at

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Dr. Smith replied that as the arteries were in such a condition

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months was in a critical condition. He recovered and was appar-

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