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of pauperism. Statistics from the comptroller's office show

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use of these rays in diagnosticating arteriosclerosis, which may be

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skin. The length from the point of the olecranon to the tip of

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commission's making anything like a complete examination

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Salem. — jSTo infectious or contagious disease is prevailing among any

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morning. Mr. Monahan's red-and- white cow, the second one that was

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mouia. About the small bronchus, with its accompanying vessels, a dense cellular

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be easily made except in a few cases of melancholia which

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found at night that his hands were swelling and inflamed. He

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a time when cholera existed. In October, it was found

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results with iodoform, and has since used the former almost

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fever with their sporulation and the discharge of their

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constant effort to interpret the clinical meaning of the subtle

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of nitrate and thirty of bicarbonate in a large tumbler of water.

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but did not find them, and I understand she still has a sup-

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tion extends to every muscular tissue of the eyes. Hemor-

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in oil. It is claimed that the solutions are not irritant, are non-

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dies hard, I consider it necessary to make mention of

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The thickening between the lobules (see preparation marked S. S. Brazilian, No.- 2

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Kossuth,— The only contagious disease among farm animals in this

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county. Where preventives are used, such as an occasional dose of sul-

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its communications with the posterior sacral. In front and

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thus effect beneficial results. Such injections may be made sev-

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human beings, he questioned if this could ever be demonstrated.

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bly typhoid. In April, 1897, had an attack of epidemic influenza;

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The senate committee after completing its investigation rec-

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Lyman, Dr., second report on contagious pleuro-pneumonia 197

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have an unaccountable dread of a surgical operation. Con-

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patient began with five drops, three times daily, increasing the

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position, the presence of several different forms of scMzomycetes ; again,

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then two, three, four, five, and by and by nine in ten recovered. One

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eye. Patient is very nervous owing to a recent fracture at the hip

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