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intestinal disturbance, cod liver oil is still our sheet anchor
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and 16 in localities with cholera. In the drains in non-
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treatment of 50 cases, with excellent results, in which chronic
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affected with this disease could be found. It was thought at that time,
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bacteria infection and bacteria intoxication. Each may be injurious,
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point, as seen when magnified 1,000 diameters, to the size of the blood
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Traces of blood occur now and then in the sputa of chronic
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or suspended by the feet. Although water passes the ileo-
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which a practitioner injected into a psoas abscess somewhat over
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cluded, "That water charged with charbonnous blood, debris de rate, earths obtained
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then the finger and needle used are passed several times slowly through
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its highest honors upon him. He was on the staff of the Sisters'
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cutaneous nerve as it crosses at this point. Some surgeons
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detritus, and not by melting and absorption, seems to be irreparable and
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were removed, the ovary the size of a small egg, the tube distorted
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foecal matter was extrayasated into the abdominal cavity ; and there was general
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Again, cultivation experiments are not such reliable evidence as many
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total number shipped 284. On examining one of the carcasses, the inspector at Liver-
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bowel, for we have bowel which in itself is not narrowed,
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too much, and proper elimination must be constantl}" main-
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last almost ten hours. He had excellent results in relieving the
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charitable undertaking and labor of love to the stricken and
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She received large pieces of liver, spleen, and kidney on September 5,
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Leighton, N. W., 143 Taylor St., Brooklyn, E. D., Kings Co. Original.
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About 5 per cent, of all our horses are affected, and 10 per cent, of those
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dozen cases of neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, all of which were
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with carbolised catgut. On the 8th July there was slight retui-n of pulsation
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the complications were more or less marked. In all of
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and filtered. If it is to be kept for any length of time it should
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districts, and the liability of stagnant water to produce the malady.
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May 3. — Transferred to pen No. 5, in which pig No. 5 had died, and thus exposed to
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